The challenge for Business Education

 This recent article from the Economist magazine says that Business Education in America is for the students who are not capable of getting into any other major. It notes that except for the top 50 schools in the U.S. undergraduate business studies are not challenging and do not promote the development of any skills or capabilities. This article is based on the recent study from the Chronicle of Higher Education which delves much deeper into this topic.

As a faculty at the School of Business at CSU Monterey Bay, I am surprised that the quality of education at business schools across the U.S. is considered to be below par. I am happy to note that we at CSU Monterey Bay are rigorous in our course work with an emphasis on the classroom as a living laboratory. We strive for a balanced education combining textbook learning with real world experience. We do this by incorporating extensive reading, writing and close interaction in team based projects with the business world.

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